Selected Conference, Workshop and Seminar Presentations:


2016   Learning to taste: writing the senses in a glass of wine. The Worlds in a Wine Glass: Wine Studies in the Humanities and Social Sciences. London.

2016   The unproduction of wine: eliding technology in natural and post-modern wine making. Amsterdam Symposium on the History of Food.

2016   Sensing ethical consumption: wine and sustainability. Invited lecture, Plumpton College.

2015   Waiting for the consumer to catch up: sustainability and the taste of wine in Austria. Oxford Food Forum Annual Conference.

2015   The rise and fall of modern wine. Newnham College, Cambridge.

2014   Plotting counter-revolution: narratives of treason and state power in early socialist Mongolia.  Association for Asian Studies.

2013   Tracing the wine-chain: creating and recreating emotions from wine-making to wine-tasting. CUSAS seminar, University of Cambridge.

2013   The Violence of History: Differential social memory and political violence in Mongolia.  Workshop on the production of history. Halle, Germany.

2012   Intimate documents: trust and secret police files in post-socialist Mongolia. “The Entangled Tensions of Intimacy, Trust and the Social” Workshop, University of Bergen, Norway.

2011   In documents we trust: secret police files in the rehabilitation of the repressed in Mongolia American Anthropological Association.

2011   A most important issue: the slow extermination of the Buddhist establishment in early socialist Mongolia.  International Conference, the Anthropology of Political

Violence, St. Andrews.

2010   The language of violence: remembering counter-revolutionaries and traitors in socialist Mongolia.  Ideals, Narratives and Practices of Modernities in Former and

Current Socialist Countries, Cambridge.

2010   Archived relations: repression, rehabilitation and the secret life of documents in Mongolia. The political life of documents, Cambridge.

2009   Archived relations: repression, rehabilitation and the secret life of documents in Mongolia.  American  Anthropological Association.

2009   Archiving Repression: State Relations, Political Violence and the Rehabilitation of  Documents in Anthropology.  St. Andrews University.

2009   Rethinking political violence: Buddhism and the state in early socialist Mongolia. ACMS Research Fellowship Seminar, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia.

2009   Resorting to violence: the repression of Buddhist lamas in 1930s Mongolia. Buddhism in Mongolia: Rebirth and transformation, Smith College.

2009   Chinggis Khaan: an unexpected national hero. Reinventing Eurasian identities: Ghengis Khan revisited, Kahn Institute, Smith College.

2008   A ghost in the archives: repression, rehabilitation and the secret life of documents in Mongolia.  The Committee on Inner Asian and Altaic Studies, Harvard

2008   Forgetting the lamas: the politicization of death in post-socialist Mongolia. Contemporary Mongolia: Transitions, development and social transformations.

University of British Columbia.