Anthropology, Mongolia and more…

20110816-7790 Welcome to ‘Anthropology, Mongolia and more….,’ which started out as a working title back in October 2004, and just kind of stuck.  After a decade and a half, it’s way past time to update.

It is probably best to think of this particular site as a hub, linking to other projects I’m involved in, and my other websites. It has been years since I’ve worked on Mongolia as an active research area, and what is here on Mongolia is sorely out of date. I’m leaving it for historical purposes.

So, apart from the old Mongolia, what am I up to these days?

  • Anthroenology – my main research project and where I blog on wine and sustainability issues.
  • Insects & Wine – a project with friends ‘Exploring two of the world’s greatest luxuries.’ We offer wine and insect tastings, to explore sustainability and taste.
  • Isambard’s Emporium – I do freelance tutoring and editing, with a focus on academic writing, and the social sciences, although these are by no means the only fields I work in. This site is still very much a work-in-progress, but hopefully listing it here will motivate me to work more on.

Back to the Mongolia bits, if that’s why you are here:

What you’ll find in the Mongolia-related portions of the site are based on my experience with and in Mongolia since about 1990. Since 1991, I’ve spent over five years in Mongolia conducting research, teaching, and giving seminars, lectures and workshops. In other words, I’m drawing upon extensive first-hand experience, not to mention tons and tons of reading and discussion with colleagues. But I also draw on my training and career as an anthropologist. (Check out the ‘Academics’ section for more on what it is we anthropologists actually do…) For those looking for the old site, most of the material, at least that which is still relevant, will appear here eventually.