Something slightly different this time. In going through my files, I came across a copy of the newspaper Ünen (Truth) from Naadam, 1937. It had some blockprints of Naadam celebrations. I thought it might be interesting and informative to reproduce them here. So here they are. I'm not presenting any text with the illustrations since I think they are basically self-explanatory. From left to right, they are: a parade; horse racing; wrestling. I particularly like the explicit military overtones to it all - the biplanes dropping (presumably) pamphlets of some sort, and the armored cars. Sorry that the third one isn't as nice as the others - the photocopies of the paper chopped it in half, and I had to stitch it back together. Mongolian photocopiers don't always render the best copies to start with, which also explains the variations in the first two as well.