Map of ethnic groups

An impression of the location of the various ethnic groups in Mongolia. Because of the need to reduce the scale to fit on this page, it doesn't give more than an impression. Click on the map to load a (rather) larger version in a new window, or right-click on the map to save. That will give you a map large enough to read the labels of the groups and towns.

This map is basically Map 23 from B. Rinchen's 1979 Ethnographic and linguistic atlas of the Mongolian People's Republic (Ulaanbaatar, Academy of Sciences). I've added the English labels, but that's about it. I've attempted to tweak the colors a bit to make it a bit easier to distinguish between them, but I haven't been very successful. Still, it will do for now. Since the map is from 1979, it obviously doesn't reflect the newest administrative divisions.

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