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Anthropology Links

Sites related to anthropology or other research interests of mine.

The RAI The Royal Anthropological Institute.

AAA The American Anthropological Association's homepage.

AI Online The Anthropology Index Online. An online, searchable index of anthropology journals. No full-text, a somewhat ugly interface and it catalogues periodicals held at the Anthropology Library at the British Museum. Still, a very useful link. "Social and cultural anthropology in the news" The English-language version of an anthropology blog from Norway. Anthropology Newspaper From the site - a link to a useful page full of anthropology blogs.

Mongolia related links

Various things to do with Mongolia.

Mongolia Web A website with all sorts of news, information, links to blogs, etc. Worth checking out.

The Zorig Foundation A Mongolian NGO dedicated to advancing democracy, political reform and transparency in Mongolia. Named after the leading figure of the Mongolian democratic revolution of 1990, brutally murdered in 1998.

Ih Hural The official webpage of the Ih Hural - the Mongolian parliament. Includes links to most of the other Mongolian government pages.
(The link to the English version is at the lower right.) A site with news from Mongolia, in Mongolian. (Like many Mongolian websites, it can sometimes be difficult to get to. Keep trying.)

MIASU The Mongolia and Inner Asia Studies Unit, at the University of Cambridge, with whom I'm affiliated.

The Oral History of Twentieth Century Mongolia A new project, currently in the pilot phase. Go read more about it.

Ulaanbaatar: Understanding Heritage A cool website on the architecture and history of Ulaanbaatar. The main part is an extensive listing of builings in Ulaanbaatar with photo, background information, location, etc. Useful for those interested in the history of UB, or even just wonder what the different buildings are.

Internom A newish (opened July 2005) bookstore in Mongolia. Currently there's no simple way to order on-line if you live outside Mongolia. But it is a good resource to get some idea of what has been published lately.

Old Mongolian Manuscript Maps An interesting site in Japan I just came across. It's what the title says, but unfortunately, only one map of all of Mongolia. The other maps are more regional.

Weather The current weather report for Ulaanbaatar, courtesty of The Weather Underground.

ACMS The American Center for Mongolian Studies in Ulaanbaatar.

Mongolian History A site with documents, articles and interviews on twentieth century political history.

Infosystem Mongolei Probably one of the first Mongolia-related sites on the web. Helps to be able to read German, though.

Hustai Nuruu National Park The homepage for the Hustai Nuruu national park, where the wild horses have been reintroduced in Mongolia.

Sergey Radchenko's website I taught with Sergey in Mongolia during the 2003-2004 academic year. His name for his website is about as original as mine. :-)

Lingua Mongolia The site says: "The aim of this site is to assist in the task of learning Classical Mongolian, the literary language of the Mongols". It is still very much in development - as of now, a lot of the pages are blank - but it is worth a visit. I look forward to seeing more of it.

Mongolian flags Came across this recently playing around. I can't vouch that it is 100% accurate, but those that I can verify first-hand are indeed correct. Must have taken forever to find all the stuff.

Witold Krassowski Photos of Mongolia by a Polish photographer. The reason I've put the link up is that the photos are not what you normally find on websites about Mongolia. The photographer noted in an e-mail that "I tried to present the atmosphere of todays Mongolia, without old cliches." I think he did a good job.

Altan tulhuur A Mongolian language school, run by my former teacher.


Links that don't fit easily into the other two sections.

Worldmapper A brilliant site at the University of Sheffield. Basically takes various sorts of data (mortality rates, literacy and other less common ones) and maps them onto a world map. Countries that are disproportionately wealthy, for example, appear blown up on that map, and so forth.

Foniyo A friend's blog on life, research and various other such things. Yes, I did ask her what Foniyo meant, and besides the fact that it's Manchu, I forget...

If language were liquid A sometimes blog on language, words, pens and such. Updated a bit more often than here these days, but that doesn't mean much.

Trinity Goldens A link to my sister's site about her Golden Retrievers.

Firefox My browser of choice. Highly recommended, and of course, it's free.

Other Mozilla products Includes Thunderbird for e-mail (which I also use), stuff for you Mac users and more.

Epicurious A good place for recipes, inspiration or just browsing.

Penzeys Spices My favorite place for ordering herbs and spices.

Pendemonium My favorite place for ordering fountain pens and inks. A nice selection of new and vintage fountain pens, and inks. Incredibly quick and friendly service, with good prices. They also have a nice selection of stationary, notebooks that handle fountain pen ink, etc.

Wine Access A site I just found out about - sort of a wine search engine. Require free registration, but helps you find a specific wine near you.

XE Currency converter For when you just need to know how much that will cost in tögrögs, or any other currency you can think of.

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