Documents in Mongol bichig, plus some in Cyrillic
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Table of contents from a collection of documents, in Mongol bichig.

I currently have a collection of 30-40 government documents, old publications and books ranging from the 1920s to the 1940s from the MPR in Mongol bichig. Around 18-20 have already been converting to PDF files. Over the course of the next few months (years, more realistically) I will be converting the to PDF files and making better copies of some of the existing ones. Most are documents that are unavailable outside of Mongolia. Others are early issues of journals or rare books. They cover a wide range of topics, including financial issues (rules on pawnshops, for example) the New Turn Policy (only one part of it, unfortunately) and minorities (baga yastan).

Some are available via this web-site, and more will be added as time permits. Others will be available via CD-ROM for a small fee (to partly cover cost of shipping, etc.)

NB: I have changed the set-up of this part of the site. The bichig items available for download are now on two separate pages. I've broken the list and the downloads into two - documents, which means government documents and related, and books, which will include journals as well. Some of the items arguably straddle the categories. They are in the documents section. If you are a regular visitor to this part of the site (there seem to be a few of you) and you really don't like this new arrangement, please let me know.

In addition, I've added a section on Cyrillic documents. Well, there's only one there for now, but others will eventually appear as well. Even if this is the bichig section, it seemed the most logical place to put them, since they are still documents and such.

Copyrights: As far as I have been able to tell, Mongolia was not party to any international copyright treaties prior to the late 1990s. That means - as far as I can tell - they aren't protected by copyright. Certainly before then, and to some extent still today, copyrights from elsewhere are happily ignored in Mongolia. Nor do any publications before then have copyright notices. Nonetheless, I have no plans to put up any relatively recent publications on this site without some form of permission. The items you will find here are all older, and, I believe, of scholarly interest and importance. So hopefully if any of these do technically violate copyright, people will understand.