Animals - Livestock and a few others

In addition to being known as the Land of the Eternal Blue Sky, or the birthplace of Chinggis Khaan, Mongolia is known for animals. Traditionally a pastoral based economy, Mongols herded what are called the tavan hoshuu mal - goats, sheep, horses, camels and cattle. Yaks get herded too, and in the northwest of the country, some reindeer. In addition to the livestock, Mongolia has a large population of various wild animals - gazelle, marmots, countless rodents, yangir - mountain goats, wild sheep, the Przewalski's horse, wolves, bears and even snow leopards. The list goes on. You won't find photos of most of the here, unfortunately. (I do most of my work in Ulaanbaatar.) But I have tried to pull out a representative sample of photos of mostly livestock, and a few other animals. For now, there are a few animals in the 2005 photos section - the Przewalski's horse and marmots. (There's also a bit of overlap, but I like the photos of the yak and hainag on this page better.) I'll try to re-arrange all the animals at some point, but didn't want to take down the 2005 photos without finding a home for all of them. Rather than just putting up pictures, I've tried, where possible, to pick ones that illustrate a point.